My research is in algebraic combinatorics.

I am interested in the intersection of algebraic combinatorics with representation theory, algebraic topology, algebraic geometry and probability. Some keywords of interest:

Papers and related talks

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In preparation

Configuration spaces and peak representations 

With Marcelo Aguiar and Vic Reiner

(an extended abstract on this paper has been accepted to appear in FPSAC 2024 proceedings)

Spectrum of random-to-random in the Hecke algebra

With Ilani Axelrod-Freed, Judy Chiang, Patty Commins, and Veronica Lang


Wondertopes, submitted.

With Chris Eur, Lizzie Pratt, and Raluca Vlad

A three-regime theorem for flow-firing, submitted.

With Galen Dorpalen-Barry, Selvi Kara, Carly Klivans, and Lisa Schneider


Left regular bands of groups and the Mantaci-Reutenauer algebra, to appear in Journal of Algebra.

With Jose Bastidas and Franco Saliola

Invariant theory of the free left regular band and a q-analogue, Pacific Journal of Mathematics (2023) 322-2, 251--280. 

With Patty Commins and Vic Reiner

A Type B analog of the Whitehouse representations, Mathematische Zeitschrift (2023), 303(3), 58.

Eulerian representations for real reflection groups, Journal of the London Mathematical Society (2022), 105(1): 412-444.

Enumerating linear systems on graphs, Mathematische Zeitschrift (2020), 296(3): 1101-1134.  

With Forrest Glebe and David Perkinson

A simplified presentation of Specht modules, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra (2022), 226(7).

With Tamar Friedmann 

A workshop to build community and broaden participation in mathematics: reflections on the Mathematics Project at Minnesota, PRIMUS (2022) 32:6, 738-754

With Esther Banaian, Harini Chandramouli, Kim Klinger-Logan, Alice Nadeau, and McCleary Philbin.

Other writing and content

Introduction to my research: A 5-minute video on my research made for the UMN accepted students weekend in March 2020. It should be accessible to anyone with familiarity in algebra.

A 5 minute introduction to my research